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The Five Business Technologies You’ll Want to Adopt

Making sure your company keeps up with the best practices will guarantee future progress and keep your business competitive.

Many technologies once considered breakthroughs have become commonplace in today’s business world. That’s why companies that miss out on these improvements risk losing their market to more agile competitors.

You want to make sure your business is on the winning side.


Start by ensuring you have these five business technologies.

Technology #1. CRMs

Customer resource management, or CRM, tools help your business handle contact and lead information better, making your call and email communication with clients easier to manage.

These tools are relatively inexpensive today and they’ll make your customer services and marketing much more straightforward.

The software’s cloud-based so there’s less hassle to expect. And with the revenue increase and lesser marketing costs that come with it, the investment will prove quite profitable.

Technology #2. Remote Work

Remote jobs are becoming a large part of today’s business world, offering many benefits to businesses and employees alike.

Such benefits also apply if your business has the necessary infrastructure required for remote work. This model makes it easier to find qualified workers, monitor the work process and progress, and reduce office space expenses.

Not to mention, employees will benefit from a flexible schedule and a less stressful work environment while saving precious time they would otherwise spend in work transit.

Technology #3. Cloud Services

Although cloud services aren’t a new addition by any means, some businesses are still not using them. They miss out on the functionality and convenience such a service provides.

A reliable cloud service could make your business data safer and less dependent on computer systems at the workplace. Clouds also make real-time project sharing and remote work possible, contributing to overall work efficiency.

From data storage to accounting, cloud services can improve many aspects of your business. There’s no reason not to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services with how affordable and accessible they’ve become.

Technology #4. Location Services

Localizing your online presence and utilizing the location-based services at hand can make your business much more visible and easier to find. And you can use many platforms for localization, including various social media platforms and Google.

By providing your company’s details to these platforms, you’ll improve the chances for more people from your area to reach you, bringing more potential customers to your business.

Localizations can make your company more competitive, as you won’t be in the same global marketplace with other larger competitors.

Technology #5. Live Chat

Customer service and customer satisfaction are vital aspects of modern business. And your website could improve them vastly if you incorporate live chat.

Your company will have an easier time building trust, making conversions, and retaining customers if there’s real-time support service available.

Making it possible for customers to reach support whenever they need can sometimes make the difference between mediocre and successful businesses.

Keep in mind that your live chat can be staffed by remote workers, so you don’t have to worry about the feature not being available.

As it’s relatively straightforward to set up and use live chat, your company should take advantage of the useful feature.

Leverage the Tech for the Best Results

Implementing modern technologies could prove invaluable to your company. With so many available tools at hand, all you need to do is explore the options and decide on the services that will impact your business the most.

CFO Coach can help you select the right solution to enable your business to create customer value and operational excellence.

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