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How do you shift your Mindset so you can seize Opportunities?

Over the last 20 years spent in Corporate, one of the Top Secrets I have learnt is that people change because of either motivation or desperation and our mindset will always steer us on either of these two paths.

Motivation is simply a motive that meets an action and hence it needs to be discovered within you.

Desperation, on the other hand is simply a frustration borne out of blaming the environment, one’s own Limiting beliefs and overwhelm as an excuse not to take action.

Motivation cannot be given to you on a Silver Platter.

What you Value should Motivate you!

For you to be motivated by action, you need to find meaning in your actions.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) How do I provide Value to my Customers, Employees and Stakeholders?

2) Do my customers care about the Value they receive from me?

3) How can I make a Difference in People’s Lives?

4) Are my Actions Sustainable in the Long-term?

5) Do I have a clear Vision & Mission in Life?

The common denominator you will discover is that the Gap between, where you are now and where you want to be, can be boiled down to Communication.

The words that you say to yourself, to the outside world and how you communicate with others is the Intersection point.

Believe you me, your Self and your Environment respond to your Thinking and hence your Mindset is the key deciding factor that determines how you seize opportunities or let them go by.

So how do you Shift your Mindset to seize opportunities, you ask?

This depends on how Hungry you are for Success? How badly you want to be Successful?

When Life is throwing you curve balls and you are overwhelmed, the only thing that will save you is your Mindset.

When we hold on to your Negative, Unproductive Mindset, you deliberately sabotage and put roadblocks in your Path to Success and in so doing you are unsure of where you are going and therefore cannot Navigate a clear Path to your Goals.

A Fixed Mindset is simply people’s belief that they are born with the cards they are dealt with, that’s it!

This is not the case and that is the reason why we need to learn the Growth mindset.

Having a Growth-Inspired Mindset is the single most crucial factor in your journey to success.

The Growth Mindset makes you push harder and challenge yourself to grow into a better version of you: more Successful, Less Stressed, Less Anxious, Higher Self Esteem and generally in better physical Health.

Here is my Top 3 list on Improving your Growth Mindset:

1.      Enhance your Business Acumen skills by Learning and Reading on a Daily basis – it could be business related magazines or social media content such as Blogs, Youtube Videos or Podcasts.

2.      Enhance your Emotional Intelligence skills by applying yourself in your environment – at Home, Office, in social gatherings.

3.      Enhance your Impact by being Proactive to circumstances and avoid focusing on what you cannot change rather focus your energy on what you can change.

Just remember that your Mind needs to be Refueled with Premium information to Fuel your daily Progress.

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