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How to Look Beyond the Resume to Find the Right Talent to Fit Your Business Growth Initiatives.

When hiring, looking at candidate resumes can help you get a broad picture of their work history and essential details.

But due to their very nature, resumes can exaggerate and hide important information.

If you want to learn about a candidate and get the relevant information, there are several methods to do just that.

Method #1. Examine the Application

A thorough look at a candidate’s application can tell you a lot about their attitude.

You should check if there’s a personal touch in how they wrote the cover letter or if they invested some time into making it interesting with the use of timelines or graphics.

Candidates who submit dry information and seem less invested in leaving an impression could be less eager to get the job.

Additionally, the lack of individualism should raise some red flags, depending on the exact nature of the work.

Method #2. Look Them Up on Social Media

Social media profiles aren’t just a window into more specific details about your candidates.

Paying attention to how they communicate online could help you determine whether the candidate would be a good fit in the workplace.

Focus on the tone of their social media posts. Are they rude, quirky, graceful, easy-going, or stern?

In many cases, people won’t behave online as they do in person.

But their online persona could give you clues about their underlying attitudes and temperament.

Keep an eye out for more than skills and experience in prospective employees and you might end up with a perfect team.

Method #3. Talk About Their Personality

By the time a candidate comes to the interview, you’ll already have a decent idea about their qualifications.

The usual fundamental questions will help you assess their work capabilities.

However, bear in mind all of their skills will matter less if they can’t cooperate with others.

That’s why you should dedicate a considerable portion of the interview to exploring the candidate’s personality.

Tailor your questions to get an honest reaction from them. Are they adversarial or agreeable? How do they react to criticism, advice, humour, authority, and praise?

Try to lead the conversation so that it simulates everyday workplace situations.

You might get a useful insight into how the candidate would fit in with the collective.

Method #4. Make the Interview Interactive

Sometimes, sitting down and talking with a candidate will only get you so far.

But if you test their skills or personality in practice, you could end up with the most useful information.

For example, you can let the candidate do a job-related task or share their thoughts about an ongoing project.

Think of how you could get a hands-on showcase of the candidate’s skills and choose a job that would present just the right challenge.

The same approach can be taken to their Emotional Intelligence or Social skills.

If you need an in-depth look at their character, invite them to hang out for a while and avoid talking about work.

You don’t need to set aside the whole day for this – 15 minutes at the office or at a cafeteria near it should give you a good enough impression.

Choose Your Team Wisely

Companies that rely on teamwork will heavily depend on their employees’ quality.

And if your business functions like that, hiring new members will be the most critical process.

Taking the time to thoroughly understand your candidates will enable you to make better decisions and form a more effective team.

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